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We would like to congratulate Virginie Papadopoulou for being selected for a 2022 Carolina Women’s Leadership Council Faculty Mentoring Award!

From UNC Provost:

“Established in 2006, the Faculty Mentoring Awards, sponsored by the Carolina Women’s Leadership Council (CWLC), recognize outstanding faculty members who go the extra mile to guide, mentor and teach. Each year the Council recognizes three recipients with an award of $5,000 each in the categories of faculty-to-undergraduate student mentoring, faculty-to-graduate student mentoring, and faculty-to-junior faculty mentoring.

The Faculty Mentoring Awards Committee was greatly impressed by your outstanding mentoring to undergraduate mentees on our campus. Both your students and faculty colleagues highly praised your commitment to the highest standards of teaching and mentoring support of those you worked with. You have clearly provided your mentees with a rich and supportive environment for higher learning, and you have been an exceptionally positive role model for their careers. We would like to honor your achievements, commitment, and passion for your craft with this award.”

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