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Cavitation is an important phenomenon in biomedical acoustics. It can produce both desired outcomes (i.e., local therapeutic effects in vivo) and undesired outcomes (i.e., tissue damage), and it is, thus, important to both understand and direct cavitation fields. Through the use of three-dimensional-printed acoustic lenses and cavitation-sensitive acoustic phantoms, we demonstrate the generation of arbitrary shape two- dimensional (2D) microbubble cavitation fields. By using 1 MHz and 1.5 MHz, the pressure beam pattern in the shape of character ‘7’ and the ‘UNC logo’ can be generated at the target plane. This high-precision spatial controllability will facilitate efficient and safe ultrasound therapies with various disease targets, such as thrombosis, plaques, and tumors.

Figure Reference: J. Kim, et al. 2021 Applied Physics Letter, 118 (5).


Figure Reference: J. Kim, et al. 2022 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS).